About US

 Our company is expanding the range of application of aluminum with unique technology.

Our company conducts aluminum anodization (Alumite) treatment, plating, and chemical conversion coating for products used for optical parts, semiconductor devices, automobiles, sporting goods, timepiece exteriors, and industrial machines.
We independently developed heat-resistant, crackless Alumite. This product can expand the range of application of aluminum materials because it has excellent heat resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and voltage resistance.
We also develop and propose various Alumite surface treatment technologies to impart design and functional characteristics.
Our technologies produce Alumite with hardness, lubricated, oxalic-acid treated, heat-resistant, and adhesion bonding base.
We apply our technologies to provide products for customer needs.

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Research & Development

 We focusing on improving the performance of Alumite technology.
Our "heat-resistant crackless Alumite" have high heat-resistant temperature, abrasion resistance / corrosion resistance under high temperature · Dielectric strength · Because there is almost no degradation such as color change, it is possible to expand the application range of Alumite and aluminum materials.

Base Alumite (Pre-Painting & Pre-Coating treatment) makes it possible to obtain twice the adhesion strength of the prior. It can improve paint and coating quality.
Color Alumite also has high abrasion resistance, that is better than other companies and it possesses infinity color variations.

Hard Alumite has excellent abrasion resistance. Parcoat (chromium-free chemical conversion coating) obtain MIL standard of corrosion resistance.


We acquired ISO certification, We have attempted to contribute to the society with customer relationships.


Uniquely designed our production equipment and rigorous inspection system.

QUALITY ─── The key, the most important point of the product. Toei Denka Group has been focusing to quality control thoroughly.

In order to accurately respond to customer's needs, we repeatedly discussing with customers from the prototype phase to the product realization in each section and department.

Equipped with carrier type fully automatic Alumite equipment, hoop part gold plating equipment, etc. Main equipment developed independently. We have established a production system that enables other types of high-quality processing, small lot, short delivery time and cost savings.

The inspection system is based on stability of quality and conducts proper inspection with precision measuring instruments. We are realizing products of Toei Denka Group that "satisfy customers" and "provide employees with confidence".

We will continue to make improvements focusing on quality control with the aim of further advancement of technology. Everything is for trust.

Corporate social responsibility

RESPONSIBILITY ─── Obligation to fulfill the outcome of their actions. Responsibilities to oblige.
Toei Denka Group as a company that uses resources to realize the products of customers, as a company that keeps employees safe, and as a member of the community that seeks cooperation and coexistence with neighbors, We have emphasized responsibilities environment and continued our business.

Efforts for nature conservation. Efforts to comply with laws and regulations. liquid used in the metal surface treatment processing is transported to the large-scale wastewater treatment facility in our premises, and it neutralized, dehydrated, condensed and finally completely removed harmful substances and it drain to sewage.

not only water but also other resources, we strive making it to return to the earth. It is natural obligation as a business operator engaged in manufacturing.

For Maintaining a clean and safe workplace, We enhancing environmental education for employees, maintenance of environmental facilities and, guidance on chemical management, and acquisition of various qualifications.

The responsibilities the company, Protection of the global environment, Creation of an employee friendly working environment will lead to the creation of high-quality processing technology.

Toei Denka Group will continue to focus on the response to the environment. Everything is for your trust.