TAF=“Toei Anodizing Film”

Functional Alumite series (TAF)

Functional Alumite series developed by Toei Denka Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

Functional Alumite series (TAF) and Toei Denka Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

- Open up new possibilities, with technology of aluminum. -

TAF series is a functional Alumite technology brand developed by Toei Denka Kogyo Co.,Ltd. that can fully exploit the properties of aluminum and the characteristics of the original Alumite film. Even in applications and environments where aluminum or Alumite can not be used in the past, products can be realized by using the TAF series technology. In addition, Toei Denka Kogyo Co.,Ltd. will continue to co-create new value as a partner of a wide range of users as advisor of surface technology.

Aluminum has played an important role indispensable as a base material that supports the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. Amid the recent rising environmental problems, the expectation for the characteristics of aluminum has grown larger, and at the same time various problems to be solved have been found. Toei Denka Kogyo Co.,Ltd. will respond to a wide range of customer needs through surface technology to solve these problems and make the most of aluminum's characteristics.

What is Functional Alumite series (TAF) series?

TAF series is a special function Alumite series developed by Toei Denka Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

The TAF series is used from the customer's point of view not to be applied with ordinary Alumite and to make full use of the characteristics of aluminum materials such as strength and weight reduction, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity even under the environment It was developed to respond to the demand of.

It is different from common sulfuric acid Alumite which has different properties of the coating, and it can give various functions, so we can find new value for aluminum parts.

Heat-resistant cackles anodized aluminum「TAF TR」

Crackles ultra hard anodized aluminum coating can be adapted to high temperatures of 350℃. And it can be adapted for the environment and applications, previously there were thought to be impossible. It expand the range of aluminum materials.

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Heat-resistant cackles anodized aluminum Black「TAF TR BK」

TAF TR BK not only does not crack, it does not decolorize even if it is heat treated at 350℃. In normal black anodized aluminum, when exposed to heat or ultraviolet rays it was decolorizes. Matte black is also possible.

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Adhesive bonded anodized aluminum「TAF AD」

Substrate treatment is important for attaching, painting or coating dissimilar materials to aluminum. TAF AD treatment, it is possible to obtain adhesion strength twice as high as general“metal salt formation treatment”and“anodized aluminum sulfate".

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Lubricating Alumite「TAF LUBE」

Lubricity is imparted by chemically adsorbing PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) on the anodized aluminum film. If treated on sliding parts of industrial machinery, it can improve galling prevention, wear resistance, sliding property, water repellency and releasability.

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Hard Alumite「TAF HARD」

The hardness of the film is 1.4 times JIS standard, and the abrasion-resistance passed MIL standard (It depends). In hardness “Hard anodized aluminum” is inferior to “Hard chrome plating”, but in wear resistance “Hard anodized aluminum” is superior to that.

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Oxalate Alumite 「TAF OAM」

“Oxalic acid anodizing” is superior to “Sulfuric acid anodizing” in the performance of corrosion-resistance, hardness, surface-accuracy, roughness, sliding-property and alkali-resistance. Our Oxalic acid anodizing process is used in various fields like medical and optical use./p>

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Optimization of surface functions based on technology development and process know-how

The properties and functions of Alumite coating vary depending on the manufacturing conditions. In order to respond to various requirements and apply it to various parts, we will continue to co-invent new value with customers, using the technology and know-how we have cultivated up to now.