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Functional Alumite series (TAF)

Anodizing process of high functionally on aluminum.
Open up new possibilities, with our technology of aluminum.

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Heat-resistant Alumite »

Crackles ultra hard anodized aluminum coating can be adapted to high temperatures of 350℃. And it can be adapted for the environment and applications, previously there were thought to be impossible. It expand the range of aluminum materials.

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Heat-resistant Alumite - BLK »

TAF TR BK not only does not crack, it does not decolorize even if it is heat treated at 350℃. In normal black anodized aluminum, when exposed to heat or ultraviolet rays it was decolorizes. Matte black is also possible.

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Adhesive bonded Alumite »

Substrate treatment is important for attaching, painting or coating dissimilar materials to aluminum. TAF AD treatment, it is possible to obtain adhesion strength twice as high as general“metal salt formation treatment”and“anodized aluminum sulfate".

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Lubricating Alumite »

Lubricity is imparted by chemically adsorbing PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) on the anodized aluminum film. If treated on sliding parts of industrial machinery, it can improve galling prevention, wear resistance, sliding property, water repellency and releasability.

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Hard Alumite »

The hardness of the film is 1.4 times JIS standard, and the abrasion-resistance passed MIL standard (It depends). In hardness “Hard anodized aluminum” is inferior to “Hard chrome plating”, but in wear resistance “Hard anodized aluminum” is superior to that.

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Oxalate Alumite »

“Oxalic acid anodizing” is superior to “Sulfuric acid anodizing” in the performance of corrosion-resistance, hardness, surface-accuracy, roughness, sliding-property and alkali-resistance. Our Oxalic acid anodizing process is used in various fields like medical and optical use./p>

Main customer

over 1000 companies.

  • ANRITSU Corp. / NEC TOKIN Corp.
  • Canon Inc. / KYOCERA Corp.
  • Globeride, Inc. / TECHNO ASSOCIE CO., LTD.
  • NICON Corp./ NIDEC Corp.
  • Automotive & Industrial Systems Company, Panasonic Corp.
  • FANUC Corp. / Mitutoyo Corp.
  • and more...over 1000 companies.

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  • ISO9001(2105)
    Quality management system standard
  • certificated.

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  • As a partner in surface technology,
  • Thorough implementation of customer first priority.
  • Continual improvement of quality management system is implemented.
  • Give designs and functionality,
  • Development and proposal of special surface treatment technology.
  • Tailored to your needs
  • We will do manufacturing.
  • Everything is for trust.

Finish ZERO
~ ± 0μm No Dimension change, anodized aluminum finish.

Over the years, Our product is used in numerous optical precision parts manufacturers.
We are proud that matte black anodized aluminum with little color unevenness and high dimensional accuracy is the best in technology and quality in Japan.
Especially, "Finish Zero" the surface treatment technology accumulated for more than 40 years is ideal for precision equipment parts such as camera, sensor, light source apparatus and inspection equipment due to it’s less amount of dimensional change.

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~ MIL spec, chemical conversion coating with High anti corrosion.

Palcoat (3700 and 3762) is compliant with the environmental regulation in EU (RoHS and ELV). It is optimal for switching from hexavalent chromium containing treatment. Palcoat obtain high corrosion resistance of Hi spec.

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Color anodized aluminum
〜 Abundant color variation.

We have a wide variation of dyes, and by preparing various dyes, the color variation is infinite.
Our color anodized aluminum is different from others. We have a track record of multicolor color anodized aluminum in various fields such as wearable products and sporting goods.

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〜 Micro level technology below μ

We uniquely developed hoop part gold plating equipment, and it realize high speed processing and cost reduction of plating.
Our equipment also supports mass production of nickel barrier plating for narrow pitch connectors. Furthermore, we are making standardized hoop lines and it possible to realize multifarious small quantity production with short delivery time.

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